Important Updated from FVSD

Dear FVSD Families:

As you may have heard earlier today, May 18, 2021, it was announced that Orange County has moved into the Yellow Tier, the least restrictive of the four tiers in the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy.  This is tremendous news and exemplifies the extraordinary efforts our residents have gone through to get to this point.  As noted in the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, the shift to the Yellow Tier allows for fuller capacities in many indoor spaces, including restaurants, gyms, etc.   

In addition, last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released guidance regarding the use of face coverings for people who have been fully vaccinated. Based upon this guidance, there has been some confusion about face coverings at school.  Please know that in California, we must follow the guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), which continues to require all students, staff and parents/visitors to wear a face covering while at school.  Links to the CDPH Guidance for Schools and the Use of Face Coverings are included below.  

K-12 Schools Reopening Framework and Guidance Q&A

Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings


 As a further update, yesterday, May 17, 2021, Dr. Mark Ghaly, California Health Director, stated that California will not lift its mask requirement until June 15, 2021, to give the public and businesses time to prepare for the change.  He stated, “this four week period will give Californians time to prepare for this change, while we continue the relentless focus on delivering vaccines particularly to underserved communities and those that were hard hit throughout this pandemic.” Ghaly added, “On June 15, 2021, California plans to implement CDC’s guidelines around masking to allow fully vaccinated Californians to go without a mask in most indoor settings.”

 It was also shared that on or around June 15th, the state is expected to transition to a new set of guidance called, Beyond the Blueprint. When that occurs, it is expected that all previous guidance from CDPH will expire and new guidance will be provided. We are told to expect a new and separate set of guidance for K-12 schools/childcare will be available in the coming weeks. 

 We want to thank our community for their ongoing commitment to keeping our students and staff safe by implementing the many safety protocols we have in place.  As we finish the school year, we need everyone to remain vigilant in following the guidance below.  

  1. Wear a mask and practice good mask hygiene. Disposable masks should be thrown out daily; cloth masks should be washed daily. 
  2. Conduct a home screening each morning and stay home if you are sick, especially if you have any COVID-19 like symptoms. 
  3. If anyone in your household is awaiting the results from a COVID-19 test or has tested positive for COVID-19, please keep all students in your household at home and do not send them to school. Contact your health care provider for assistance.
  4. Wash and sanitize frequently, especially after touching high-touch areas and before and after eating. 
  5. Maintain physical distancing from others.

Once again, we greatly appreciate your ongoing efforts to keep our students and staff safe and our schools open for in-person learning.  Let's continue to make a difference!


Mark Johnson, Ed.D.