JOINT COMMUNICATION: Fountain Valley School District, Huntington Beach Police Department and Fountain Valley Police Department Reaffirm Safe School Campuses

FVSD, HBPD and FVPD continue to partner in the implementation and ongoing evaluation of a multilayered approach to student and staff safety including:

  • Active relationships between School Resource Officer and school staff, students and parents.
  • Traffic officers monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic during school hours.
  • Electronic visitor sign-in procedures through the school’s front office and badging for all visitors on campus.
  • Regular drills conducted at every campus with students and staff to prepare for a variety of potential safety threats including procedures for lockdowns, shelter in place, earthquake and fire.
  • Annual review and update to school safety plans by every campus in addition to approval by FVSD Board of Trustees.
  • Response and investigation by FVPD and HBPD of all school safety threats, including those on social media.
  • Contracts between FVPD and HBPD with crossing guards who help provide safe routes to and from schools.
  • Regular testing of emergency systems on school campuses.
  • Regular meetings between Fountain Valley Police Department, Huntington Beach Police Department and Fountain Valley School District administrators to discuss opportunities to improve school safety and security measures.
  • Collaboration between FVPD, HBPD and FVSD regarding threat assessments, student and staff trainings and site-specific response planning.
  • Communication by FVPD and HBPD with the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center to identify potential threats to schools.

We encourage our students, staff and community members to be vigilant in reporting any concerns to the District and/or Police Department and remind everyone that if you see something, say something.  For emergencies, call 911. For non-emergencies, contact the FVPD non-emergency line at 714.593.4485 or the HBPD non-emergency line at 714.960.8811.  Report unusual or suspicious activity to the district at 714.843.3200 or school administrators by calling your school office, and encourage students to do the same with staff members or through the Safe Schools Anonymous Tiplines on each school’s website. 

It is our belief that we must all do our part in creating a safe and nurturing environment on our campuses.  We thank our parents, guardians and community stakeholders for their partnership with and support of our district as focus on safe learning environments for all of our students and staff.