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6th Grade Jump Start - Wellness: Week 4

Girls playing basketball

Log any physical activity for the week you do in this Physical Activity Journal.


Week 4 - Day 1

  • Watch this video on how students at Paradise High School overcame their obstacles after facing the worst wildfire in California history. Paradise High School is a shining example of  what a true school community can accomplish together.
  • Believe in you Episode 1
  • We often lean on our friends, teachers, and family members when we feel stressed, scared, or confused. But it’s also important to practice safe social distancing. Think about friends and family members who might need to lean on you now.
  • List 3 things you can do to support friends and family while also practicing safe social distancing.


Week 4 -  Day 2

  • Watch this video on Houston Kraft, a renowned speaker and advocate for kindness amongst students. Learn his tools and techniques to build habits and exercise your own kindness muscle. 
  • Believe in You Episode 2
  • Think of a classmate who you haven’t communicated with in a while, but who you respect and appreciate.
  • Take 5 to 10 minutes to write out a genuine compliment that you can give to them – a compliment that is meaningful and specific. Write the compliment and send it to them.


Week 4 - Day 3

  • Watch this video on Sam Peszeck, an Olympian in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Watch as Sam battles through an injury and overcomes this adversity.   
  • Believe in You Episode 3
  • Samantha Pesceck describes the circumstances of her injury that could have caused overwhelming self-doubt and regret. However, she overcame the challenges of her injury to come back and become a National Champion.
  • Write a self-discipline plan for the week. Include the following: 1) What goal are you going to work toward this week? 2) Create a daily schedule that includes focused time for you to work toward your goal.


Week 4 - Day 4

  • Watch this video on Vin Baker, former NBA All-Star and Olympian. See Vin emerge as a college and then NBA All-Star rather quickly and then face adversity and a fall from that pedestal just as quick.
  • Believe in You Episode 4.
  • As our communities and schools rebuild after the COVID-19 shut down, it will be important to both ask for help and give support and assistance to others.
  • List 1 area in your life in which you’ll be courageous and ask for help. List 1 thing that you will do to support your family and friends.


Week 4 - Day 5

  • Enjoy one new summer activity such as surfing, swimming, or biking.