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Fountain Valley School District is excited to share new Summer Learning Resources with our families to help extend learning opportunities for our students.  FVSD's Summer Learning Resources are designed to allow students to independently engage in many of the online technologies.

The goal of these resources is to provide students with self-guided structured learning activities for the summer in "Jump Start" for the upcoming 2023-24 school year.  The resource guides feature online content in reading, writing, math, and overall student wellness and are easily accessible through the images below.  There is no need to print out any packets.


We hope that your family will take advantage of these self-guided FVSD's Summer Learning Resources, and we hope everyone continues to have a safe and healthy summer.


These modules are designed for students to complete at their 2023-24 grade level.


Kindergarten student playing with mechanical toys 1st Grade student with Praying Mantis in palm
2nd Grade student looking at chemical compound structure 3rd Grade student working on iPad at desk
4th grade students using microscope Student smiling at clothes pin construction project
6th Grade Title Slide with photos of students 7th grade title slide with photos of students
8th Grade Title Slide Image with photos of students 9th Grade Title Slide Image with photos of students
Note: Some activities require students to sign into IXL or NewsELA.  Please reference the "Quick Tip" documents below for guidance on signing in with your child's Google credentials or Clever.