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Student Vaccination Cards

As we continue to adhere to and follow the guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), we have identified a procedure that, in the event of a close-contact exposure to an individual with COVID, will help make the process of identifying and notifying families more effective and efficient.  Parents can now upload their student's vaccination card through the Aeries Parent Portal.

As you may know, the guidance for fully vaccinated students who are identified as close contacts to a positive COVID case is different from the guidance for students that are unvaccinated.  Fully vaccinated students that are identified as close contacts may continue to attend school and participate in extracurricular activities as long as they are asymptomatic.

We are encouraging parents/guardians of fully vaccinated students to provide the school with verification of being fully vaccinated through the Aeries Student Information System.  Having this information in advance will provide important information for the administrators and health office staff that are conducting contact tracing to notify parents and guardians about quarantine guidance.

If your child is fully vaccinated, we request that you follow the directions provided as an attachment (and available on the FVSD website) to provide the school with verification of your child's status as fully vaccinated.  Please be assured that this personal and confidential information will only be accessed in the event your child is identified as a close contact to an individual who has tested positive for COVID, and only administrators and health office staff that are conducting contract tracing will have access to this information.

Note: Individuals are considered fully vaccinated 14-days after their 2nd dose of a 2-dose series, or 14-days after a single-dose vaccine. Please wait until your child is fully vaccinated before uploading the verification card.

If you have questions about this information, please contact your child's school office.  If you need technical support with the process, please contact the help desk at 714-843-3200 extension 3274.