Welcome to Fountain Valley School District!  For years, our District has been known for its tradition of academic success, earning countless local, state, and national awards for our exceptional educational programs. In fact, for the last several years, FVSD has been the highest performing elementary district in Orange County. We are also part of a very special community that continues to place a high priority on its children. As the Superintendent, I am proud to be a part of such a well-established organization and excited for our continued pursuit of excellence!

In FVSD, our desire is to be the best at what we do: educate young minds and develop every student's unique talents. And, it is this passion for greatness that pushes us to look for additional ways to help students thrive, not only while they are with us, but well into their futures. Over the last several years, together, we made significant progress in the areas of professional development, California State Standards implementation, collaboration, technology, curriculum development, modernization of facilities, visual and performing arts, student connectedness and fiscal solvency. This work will only continue through our collective commitment to our vision for every student. In addition, our District Priorities continue to be a guiding force to strategically align our programs, practices and services with the resources needed to accomplish our goals!

This year, more than ever, we celebrate the FVSD Family.  While the current school year brings unique challenges, we are confident in the resilience and creativity of our team.  The FVSD Family is made up of highly skilled teachers and classified staff, led by dedicated administrators.  In addition, our family is fortunate to include outstanding parents and guardians that have stepped up even more so these past few months and will continue to ensure our students are successful this year.  Lastly, we are grateful to be a part of a wonderful community that supports our students, staff and schools in every way possible.  Together, our FVSD Family continues the FVSD Way including a commitment to: high expectations for all; working collaboratively to improve practices and meet future challenges; dedicating ourselves to professional learning; and, working to ensure that ALL students meet or exceed expectations.

And just as in years past, our commitment to excellence will strengthen our implementation of the California State Standards in English Language Arts and math, and enhance the collaborative work of our teachers and administrators to explore and apply the Next Generation Science Standards, STEM initiatives and signature instructional practices. Additionally, we are extremely pleased to report that eight of our ten schools have been honored with the Gold Ribbon Schools Award, a recognition program from the California Department of Education.  Lastly, we have made significant advances in the implementation of educational technology. Every student has access to a Chromebook in support of learning at home and in the classroom. Used effectively, we view technology as a game changer in student learning, as information is readily available to all, providing us with the necessary time to increase opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

As we begin the 2020-21 school year, we are committed to carrying on our tradition of merit. We will continue to prepare today's youth for tomorrow's future as we are devoted and dedicated to impacting the lives of ALL children. Whether in the classroom or at home learning virtually, the students in Fountain Valley School District will continue thrive in this environment and community!  And, without a doubt, The FVSD Family will continue to provide a caring and nurturing environment built upon trust, respect, and fostering strong relationships!