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Distance Learning Update - April 19, 2020

Dear FVSD Families,
Over the past five weeks the FVSD has quickly moved from full-day, in-person instruction, to remote or Distance Learning.  This is an unprecedented time for our educational system, and has required a thoughtful approach allowing for our students, families, teachers, and support providers to settle within their homes, while quickly adjusting to teaching and learning expectations.  Since our dismissal in March, FVSD staff members have worked tirelessly to feed thousands of students each day, provide Chromebook access in the home to any student in need, and develop weekly instructional units to keep our students engaged.  Additionally, our FVSD support staff members have put systems in place to reach out to our families struggling with social/emotional needs, providing translation services where appropriate, and reaching out to our students with specific learning disabilities to ensure equitable access to learning.  This transition has been no small task, and it has taken the collective efforts of our entire community, and for that we would like to thank you for your patience, support in the home, and for reaching out to provide feedback on how we may improve.
As we return from Spring Break, the entire FVSD staff remains committed to continuing these efforts to offer the most engaging instructional program possible through the end of the school year.  Over the next eight weeks, our weekly Distance Learning plans will now be sent home Sunday evenings at 5:00 p.m. to allow families to preview the lessons before the start of the week.  Additionally, you can expect the weekly unites to include not just review concepts, but new concepts along with an expectation that teachers video connect with students at least two times per week.  Finally, many of our weekly assignments will now include opportunities for students to share completed work with our teachers in order to provide feedback to be shared on ways students can improve their skills.  These expanded expectations will allow for our students and teachers to connect more regularly, ultimately leading to a final assessment of your child's engagement for the 3rd Trimester of either "Met Expectations (M)" or "Review Required (R)."  Attached is a more detailed explanation, but ultimately, we would like your child to remain engaged throughout this entire time.  Those that are not, will be contacted regularly by FVSD staff members, and ultimately will be reviewed for intervention programs when school resumes.
We hope you take the time to review the additional attached documents, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of us"
  • Distance Learning Flow
  • Student & Parent Roles and Responsibilities
  • Grading and Reporting for 2nd & 3rd Trimesters
Thank you for all of your efforts in supporting this very quick transition to Distance Learning.  We understand how difficult this has been on everyone and continue to be here for you and your family in whatever ways we can.
We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy.
Steve McLaughlin, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services