Summer Harvest Program

We are fortunate to serve a generous community that supports young people.  Over the summer months, some of our families struggle with having healthy meals.  If you could benefit with assistance over the summer or if you would like to help/donate, please see below.   

A message from Amy Payne, Executive Director, Summer Harvest:

For many families in Fountain Valley School District, summer brings space for bucket lists and vacation. Yet, for 22% of our district families, or roughly 1,400 children who regularly receive free or reduced lunches during the school year, summer becomes a stressful season. What most of us do not realize is that the percentage of free or reduced lunch families in the district is not actually high enough to meet the government’s criteria for a summer food service program. These families are caught in a gap, a gap which creates food insecurity. To meet this need head-on, Summer Harvest was developed with a clear vision to eliminate food insecurity for school-aged children in affluent communities where children do not qualify for government or other help programs.  As a 100% volunteer-based 501C3, our mission is to provide healthy meals to families with children on the free and reduced lunch program, during the breaks from school. 

If you are a family that falls in the gap and would benefit from groceries, we encourage you to go to  In addition, further details are included in the attachment (provided in English, Vietnamese and Spanish).

This summer we will distribute groceries, including staples for meal making to ensure a solid foundation of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can get involved in this program by becoming a sponsor of a grocery bag. A gift of $75 provides a bag of groceries to a family for each of our five distributions this summer. We also encourage you to come out and pack food or help with the distribution. Donate or volunteer at  

With each of us doing our part, no child in our district will ever have to feel insecure about their next meal. 


Mark Johnson, Ed.D.

Dear FVSD Families: Source: Summer Harvest - Signup