The Fountain Valley School District has about 375 classified employees in 80 different job titles. The jobs include management and confidential type positions. Some are full-time, most are part-time. They cover a variety of areas including instructional assistants, clerical, maintenance, food service, accounting, and bus driving.
The District operates under the Merit System in selecting employees. The Merit System is a set of rules and procedures similar to "civil service," which govern classified school personnel. Its fundamental purpose is to ensure that employees are selected, promoted, and retained without favoritism or prejudice, on the basis of merit and fitness. All positions are filled through a competitive examination process, and hires are made from those candidates scoring highest in the process. The examination process typically includes one or more of the following: written test, a review of training and experience, oral interview, or performance test.
In Merit System school districts in California, the system is administered by the Personnel Commission, an independent body composed of three persons appointed for three-year staggered terms. The current Commissioners at the Fountain Valley School District are Carol Davis, Tony McCombs, and William Mullin.
The Fountain Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age, marital status, religion, or disability in compliance with federal and state laws.
Carmen Serna, Human Resources Director
Phone: (714) 843-3266
Fax: (714) 843-3263
Donna Johnson, Classified Personnel Technician 
Phone: (714) 843-3228
Fax: (714) 843-3257
Lisa O'Cain, Personnel Technician
Phone: (714) 843-3225
Fax: (714) 843-3257
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