The Fountain Valley School District operates ten (10) school sites, a maintenance and operations facility, and the District Office.   All the buildings are well maintained, with classroom and supplemental educational areas designed to provide the best possible environment for the instruction process. The school buildings are located on sites that provide spacious areas for recreation and physical education.

All school facilities are valued community assets, used by the public for social, educational, business, and recreational programs during and after school hours.

Next Five - As the District nears the completion of the Big Five projects associated with Measure O, the Board of Trustees revisited the Facilities Master Plan in October of 2021 and identified the upcoming projects as the Next Five. The Next Five includes playground replacement, replacing BARD units on portables, concrete & asphalt work, field & sprinkler rehab, and safety-fencing, single point of entry & entry systems,  This work will be done over a period of years beginning with concrete and asphalt work in the summer of 2022.

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A Facilities Committee was developed in March of 2015 and tasked with the mission of comprehensively examining the facilities' needs in the Fountain Valley School District, to ensure students and employees have the resources required to meet our future needs. The committee was made up of approximately 30 individuals representing teachers, classified staff, parents, community members, city leaders, and district administrators. Between March and November, the team visited schools in surrounding districts, visited both an elementary and middle school in FVSD, reflected on what was observed, and recommended the development of a Facilities Master Plan to the Board of Trustees. The Board took the recommendation under advisement and approved the architectural and planning firm, LPA Inc., to assist the District in the development of a District Facilities Master Plan. The District Facilities Master Plan is a long-term road map, outlining future facilities' needs.

Between December and June LPA engaged over 200 District stakeholders in the development of a Facilities Master Plan (FMP). On June 30, 2016, the Board of Trustees received the final Facilities Master Plan, which identified over $280 million in facilities needs, everything from roofs and utilities infrastructure to air conditioning and outdoor learning environments. The District shared this information through regularly scheduled Board meetings, Board workshops, and community meetings. 

In May, the District hosted the School Facilities Engagement Committee, a group of residents, parents, and business owners who studied District facilities needs, District finances, and community opinions, developed a consensus report around those topics and presented it to the Board on June 16. In August of 2016, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved placing a facilities bond on the ballot. 

In November of 2016, our community passed Measure O,  a $63 million general obligation bond measure to:

  • Repair or replace deteriorating roofs, plumbing, and electrical systems where needed
  • Install air conditioning in classrooms to improve air quality and keep classrooms from reaching temperatures of 85 to 100 degrees
  • Provide the facilities and technology needed to support high-quality instruction in math, science, and technology
  • Improve student safety and campus security systems, including security fencing, security cameras, emergency communications systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers


 We are very grateful to our community and excited to begin the next phase of our facilities work. Please see our Measure O page for ongoing updates.

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