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TK-5 Mathematics

Fountain Valley School District engages students in high-quality, research-based mathematics instruction across the elementary grade levels (TK-5).  Excellent classroom instruction that leverages the California Common Core Standards for Mathematics, CGI Instructional Strategies, and Math Expressions curriculum provides the resources for a dynamic math program that helps to build a solid foundation of mathematics skills.
Cognitively-guided Instruction (CGI)
Fountain Valley School District teachers are well-trained in the use of Cognitively-Guided Instruction practices to help students develop both conceptual and computational skills that enable them to achieve at the highest levels.  CGI has become a signature instructional practice throughout our TK-5th Grade classrooms.  Beginning in 2015, FVSD launched a training initiative that ensured every teacher received intensive training in Cognitively-guided Instructional strategies and became well-versed in instructional road maps. 
During the 2018-19 school year, FVSD launched CGI Common Assessments that will be administered three times over the course of each school year (beginning in 2019-20).  Data from the CGI Common Assessments will assist teachers in individualizing instruction to support students with specific strategies for solving complex, real-world math problems.
Links to Research related to Cognitively-guided Instruction