Welcome to Business Services

The Business Services division is committed to supporting the vision and mission of the Fountain Valley School District. The diverse departments of  fiscal services, maintenance and operations, grounds, custodial, warehouse, transportation, food service, and information technology provide staff, students and the community with high quality customer service, and a commitment to high standards. While not responsible for delivery of instruction, our FVSD IMPACT  is felt daily in clean, aesthetically pleasing, well maintained facilities, the safe transportation of students, the delivery of nutritious meals, the support of instructional technology, and a commitment to  fiscal responsibility. 
Business Services includes following departments:
  • Facilities - Provides oversight and support for the physical improvements of our schools
  • Fiscal Services - Provides fiscal planning and review
  • Food Services - Provides nutritious lunches for our students
  • Information Technology - Provides high quality technology services to staff & students
  • Maintenance & Operations - Ensures all sites are clean, safe and well maintained
  • Transportation - Provides safe transportation of students