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District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) » District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)


FVSD is committed to promoting strong parent, family and community support for our programs.  FVSD staff strives to provide meaningful involvement and promote the development of parent and community leaders who can learn more about the education system, become involved in the education of their children, and advocate effectively for ELs.

FVSD Board of Trustees encourage parent involvement, as detailed in Board Policy 6020: Parent Involvement, as well as Administrative Regulations 6020: Parent Involvement. 

Notices to Parents

When 15% or more of the student population at the school site speaks a single language other than English, all notices, reports, statements, or records sent to the parent/guardian by the school or school district are written in English and the other language(s).

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

FVSD reaches out to parents of ELs to facilitate their engagement.  Meetings are regularly scheduled for the purpose of formulating and responding to parents’ recommendations.  For parents of ELs, this is accomplished primarily through our school English Learner Advisory Committees (ELAC) and the FVSD District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC).  Schools with 21 or more ELs are required to establish an ELAC to serve in an advisory role.   


The primary purpose of the ELAC (or subcommittee, if appropriate) is to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for ELs and the School Site Council (SSC) on the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement.  Additional tasks include input on the development of the school’s needs assessment, review of the school’s annual language census, and ways to build awareness of the importance of regular school attendance. 

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

FVSD has 51 or more English Learners enrolled; therefore, the District has established a DELAC.


The purpose of the DELAC is to advise the Board of Trustees (e.g., in person, by letters/reports) on the programs and services for ELs.

Annually, DELAC members are trained on the following topics and subsequently advise the Board of Trustees on:

  1. Development or revision of the District master plan for educational programs and services for ELs that take into consideration each school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement.
  2. Administration of a district wide needs assessment on a school-by-school basis.
  3. Establishment of District programs, goals, and services for ELs.
  4. Development of a plan to ensure compliance with any applicable teacher and bilingual tutor requirements.
  5. Administration of the Annual Language Census R-30 Report (e.g., procedures and forms).
  6. Analysis and commentary of the school district’s reclassification procedures.
  7. Analysis and commentary of on the written notifications required to be sent to parents and guardians.



Parents or guardians of ELs not employed by the District must constitute a majority membership (51% or more).  Each school ELAC must have the opportunity to elect at least one member to the DELAC.


2018-19 District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)


Tentative Meeting Schedule


All meetings are open to the public and held at the Fountain Valley School District Office located at 10055 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley in the Professional Development Center (2nd Floor). Please call 714.843.3284 to confirm the meeting dates and times if you wish to attend.




5, 2018 (DELAC)




21, 2019 (DELAC/DAC)




28, 2019 (DELAC)




2, 2019 (DELAC/DAC)




6, 2019 (DELAC/DAC)