Documents Required to Establish Residency

Students                                                                                                                              E(1) 5111.1(a)
Fountain Valley School District
(For parents/guardians enrolling new students)


The Fountain Valley School District may only enroll students whose parent/guardian resides within the school district boundaries or students who have approved inter-district transfer. This form is designed to verify residency in a specific school's attendance area.

  • Residency is defined as meaning the student is living a majority of the time at the address specified with the parent/guardian
  • Each student may claim only one residence and the address must be located within the FVSD boundaries.


þ        Please check the box below indicating the form of verification of identity you will submit as the student's parent/guardian, caregiver, licensed foster agency or group home representative, or California Superior Court-appointed legal guardian:


□          A Government Issued Photo ID

□          If an agent or representative of social services or foster care agency, appropriate identification.


þ        Present one of the following items to verify your name and address:


□          Deed to Home

□          Mortgage Escrow Paperwork

□          Property Tax Bill

□          Rental Property Contract, Lease or Payment Receipt

□          Tax Return


            If you are unable to provide an item listed above, please compete the Residency Affidavit Form and the Co-Residency Supplemental Form (if applicable)


þ        Present one of the following items, in addition to the item above, to verify your name and address:


□          Current Electric bill with your name and service address or verification of connection**

□          Current Gas bill with your name and service address or verification of connection**

□          Current Water bill or verification of connection**

□          Current Trash bill with your name and service address

□          Current Cable bill

□          Current Social Services documents

□          Current Automobile registration

□          Current Automobile insurance

□          Cell phone bill

□          Credit card bill



**  Note: In the event a utility service connection is used as proof of residency, a utility bill (both parts, in English) must be provided within 45 days to assure continued enrollment.


If a student is found not to reside at the address which is stated during the registration process, district enrollment of that student may be forfeited.



version: November 2019 Fountain Valley, CA






The information provided to Fountain Valley School District (FVSD), during the enrollment process will be used to determine that the student resides within the FVSD attendance boundaries, the school within those attendance boundaries to which the student will be assigned, and to identify unique educational programming services to which the student may be entitled. Information collected will be used for no other purpose, such as restricting or denying enrollment or treating a student differently in determining whether he or she satisfies any admission or enrollment criteria.
The online registration system is translated into  Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Armenian.   In the event your family needs assistance completing the enrollment process for any reason, please contact the Educational Services Department of Fountain Valley School District via phone at (714) 843-3200 or via email at