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Kindergarten Jump Start - Writing: Week 1

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Week 1- Day 1


Week 1- Day 2

Writing, Phonics, and Vocabulary

Week 1- Day 3


Week 1- Day 4

  • Using your home journal, use the sentence frame and fill in your ideas with letter sounds you know.

If I saw a friend that looked lonely, I would __________ .  

Be sure to illustrate.


Week 1- Day 5

  • Identify the first sound in a word
  • In your journal, write down the following words from the story and say each sound as you write the letter:
    • bug
    • sun
    • tree
    • dog
    • cat
  • Circle each beginning sound.
  • Use your journal or the Writing Paper to practice writing your first & last name.  Be sure to use a capital letter at the beginning of each name.